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         Enjoy seeing some of the Star Cameras I have built over the years   Click on any for more Information!
             Niepce Camera                        Talbot Mousetrap                                  Wolcott Patent                                        Chamfered Front                              English Style  Daguerreotype               Lewis Patent Camera
                        1826                                             1834                                          Mirror Camera  1840                         Daguerreotype Camera  1843                  Daguerreotype Camera  1851         Daguerreotype Camera 1856
UnLeica  Miniature Wet Plate                 Anthony Half Plate Camera                   Anthony Tropical Teak              8 X 10 Anthony Bellows Camera                11 X 14 Ne Plus Ultra                       18X22 Mammoth
 Camera                                                      Cherry                                                Heavy Duty 5X7                                    Cherry                                                                                                                  Camera  
Scovill Style 5X8 Stereo Camera                Le Petit Demoiselle 5X7                                Wet Plate Conversion                   Victorian Posing Chair                          Camera Tripods                            Baths, Trays  Misc.
                                                          Light Landscape Camera                                    Adapter Backs

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