The 8X10 Anthony Bellows Camera

The Worlds Most Popular New Wet Plate Camera, the 8X10
Anthony Bellows Camera by the Star Camera Company.  

This Camera is available in Cherry or Mahogany.  The Plateholder
comes with inserts for 8 10,  whole plate and five by seven.  Three
lensboards are supplied and your lens mounted or holes drilled
as desired.  Full extension Lightproof Bellows give outstanding
close up capabilities.  Square construction allows 10X10 image
format if desired and permits easy rotation of inserts in the plate-
holder.  Large 7 inch square lensboards and study Front Standard
permit the largest of lenses to be mounted with ease.  Base plate
makes the camera strong while mounted on the Tripod. I do offer
the Heavy Field Tripod for this camera, it holds it tall and steady.

Sometimes orders come in in bunches, and I can make two or even
three of these cameras at the same time.  In the end, its a real
time saver.  For both you and me.  The 8 X 10 seems to get ordered
frequently, and this keeps the speed of their production up.  

From time to time....I've added in a few thing to a few cameras.  The
folding tailboard, usually reserved for the 11 14 ne plus ultra, is scaled
down and used on the 8 10.  Also, the rise/fall lensboard feature can
be intalled.  These all add some to the cost, so email me first on those things.

I think what I really like about the Anthony is that it is all so logical.  The
latches flip up with a thumb, the plate is gripped through cut outs, the back
nestles in and slids down on the dowel pins so easy......just the way this
Camera is so thought out from the User end.