Wet Plate and Daguerreotype Cameras
The Chamfered Front Daguerreotype Camera is the first American designed Camera.  It is a
sleek beauty which is actually quite complicated.  The Plateholder and Ground Glass reside
within the camera body, and the inner portion along with the chamfered front slide forward
to extend short focus capability.  Constructed from Spanish Cedar, it is layered with Indian
Rosewood Veneer.  Horn buttons set off the deep beauty of the Veneer and Brass.  This
Camera is well suited to an early Radial Drive Lens, and is available in quarter and half
plate sizes.                                                  

The Lewis Patent of 1856 introduced the Bellows into the photographic world.  Allowing
increased close up capability this design was a progression of the Chamfered Front
design.  Similar in some ways it adds a tailboard to the camera, making it easier to mount
on a tripod.
  This camera should be considered by those who are making images in the
Historic Arena.   Very proper for the Civil War period, it is a beautiful showpiece as well as
a sturdy user.  This Camera is also well suited for an early Radial Drive Lens.

A True Workhorse, the English Style Daguerreotype Camera can earn its living easily in
the Historic Photography Scene.  The easiest to use camera in many ways, it will make
those days of doing 40 Tintypes a breeze.  Suggested format size is Half Plate, which gives
you a camera about 8 inches square.  Three plateholder inserts are provided, for half,
quarter and sixth plates.   The Plateholder and Ground glass holder alternate in the camera
as only one slot is in the rear standard.  Available in Mahogany, Cherry on special order.

                                                           $895 Half Plate
                                                           $1195 Whole Plate
From 1840, the Wolcott Camera used a Spherical Mirror to form an image.  The design worked at
an impressive F 1.7 and allowed fairly quick exposures on iodine sensitized 2 inch square plates.  
While not a camera for serious work, the Star Camera Company Wolcott Daguerreotype Camera
fills an important need as this type camera is absent from nearly all collections.  Limited amount of
Mirrors left in stock.


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